All headline Acimall figures lower in 2019

20.05.2020 − 

Italian woodworking machinery manufacturers suffered a downturn in all relevant headline figures last year after persistent growth lasting more than the five previous years. According to final figures published by the industry association Acimall, headquartered in Assago, Italy, on 9 May, woodworking machinery and tool production fell 9.9% to €2.266bn last year, putting it roughly in line with 2017’s level again. Exports did not fall quite as much, slipping 8.2% to €1.580bn, which boosted the export rate slightly to 69.7 %.

Several headline figures even tumbled by double-digit percentages. Imports were 16.9% lower at €201m Apparent consumption - which is based on production, exports and imports - slipped 14.3% compared with 2018 to land at €887m. Imports accounted for 22.7 % of this sum. A larger downturn in imports meant that the export surplus declined by just 6.8% to €1.379bn. Italian manufacturers saw their domestic sales drop 13.5% to €686m. Tax incentives granted between 2016 and 2018 for modernising machinery had prompted an uptick in investment activity. A slump then materialised when the programme expired.

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