Acimall: Export business with a stronger Q3 performance

06.11.2020 − 

Italian woodworking machinery manufacturers have seen their order intake stage a bit of a recovery after marked decreases in the first half of the current year. The losses were not quite as strong as they were in the first (-21.1%) and second (-39.2%) quarters between July and September (-10.2%). Exports even came close to last year’s level. Statistics from Acimall indicate that orders from international markets were just 1.0% lower in the third quarter. However, domestic business took a 32.3% tumble.

Foreign business had not suffered such a strong downswing as orders from within Italy during the first (Italy: -25.3%, foreign markets: -19.4%) and second (Italy: -59.2%, foreign markets: -34.2%) quarters. The fact that the third quarter was not quite as weak meant that average order backlogs - which are mapped using a representative survey of Acimall members - lengthened to 3.1 months by the end of September, up from 2.4 months in late June. Prices have increased by 0.6% since the start of the year. Revenues fell by 9.5% in the third quarter compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. The downturn had been more than three times higher in the second quarter (-29.8%).

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