7.9% decline in housing construction approvals in May

05.08.2019 − 

In May building approvals for dwellings in new residential buildings in Germany dropped by 7.9% vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year to 26,265 units. The volatile development of the preceding months therefore continued. In January (+9.1%) and April (+4.2%) the preceding year’s figure was exceeded in each case, according to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). Declines in approval figures were recorded in February (-13.1%) and March (-5.9%). Approvals for dwellings in multi-family houses in May, at 15,407 units, decreased by 14.7%. This decline could only partially be compensated by an increase in approvals of detached houses (+2.6% to 8,139 units). Approvals for living units within semi-detached houses, at 1,941 units, remained at a stable level.

Accumulated over the first five months, 118,219 dwellings in new residential buildings were approved, corresponding to a decline of 2.9%. Approvals for dwellings in two- to four-family houses declined by 4% in each case to 8,487 units and 68,795 units respectively. For detached houses 37,152 dwellings were approved, corresponding to a rise of 2.3%. Approvals for living units within residential homes, at 3,785 units, were 21.8% below the previous year’s figure. In the context of building measures relating to existing buildings, approvals remained unchanged vis à vis last year at 15,670 units. A total of 136,257 dwellings were approved in new and existing residential and non-residential buildings, representing a decline of 2.4%.

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