3.8% less building permissions granted than last year

08.11.2017 − 

In August, construction of 30,516 dwelling units in new and existing residential buildings was approved in Germany. This reflects a decline of 3.8% on the preceding year’s figure. According to information published by the Federal Statistics Office the number of approvals for dwellings in new residential buildings was 1.5% below the previous year’s figure at 26,420 units. Increases were recorded for approvals granted for the construction of detached houses (+7.3% to 8,225) as well as dwellings in semi-detached houses (+4.4% to 2,048) and multi-family houses (+6.2% to 15,306). In the case of residential homes, at 841, approvals only reached 30% of the preceding year’s figure.

This decline in August means a negative turnaround following the positive development recorded in July. In July there was a 2.5% increase vis à vis the comparative month of the preceding year in approvals granted for the construction of dwellings in new residential buildings. From February to June approvals granted declined by up to 13.4% vis à vis the comparative months of the preceding year. For January the Federal Statistics Office recorded an increase of 3.0%.

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