Trading restrictions have been partially lifted

11.12.2020 − 

Kingfisher was able to keep all of its approximately 1,370 branches open for in-store purchasing during November, despite the government-imposed lockdown measures in all countries in which it operates. According to an overview in the trading update concerning third quarter figures published by Kingfisher on 19 November, the DIY trade was classified as systemically important in all ten of the countries in which the group is represented with its own branches, and was thus exempted from the restrictions on brick-and-mortar business that were imposed in some cases.

The overview also contains a brief description of the lockdown regulations in force in the respective countries; according to Kingfisher, the information in this context referred to 17 November as reporting date. In England, a national lockdown was in force from 5 November to 2 December, during which time non-essential trade sectors such as the brick-and-mortar furniture trade were closed. These businesses were able to reopen from 2 December. In Scotland, the closures in non-essential trade were limited to more severely affected regions. Wales lifted its previously imposed so-called firebreak lockdown on 9 November. In Northern Ireland, the measures in force since 16 October were gradually phased out during the week of 20 to 27 November; trade remained open throughout the entire period, however. The national lockdown in Ireland, in force since 19 October, is due to end on 1 December.

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