Segezha Group boosted sawn-softwood sales by 167%

Owing to acquisitions, Segezha Group boosted the volume of its sawn-softwood sales in the third quarter of by 167% against a year earlier to 667,000 m³. In the first and second quarters, the sales volumes were up by 174 and 94%, respectively. The “Forestry Management and Woodworking” division, which also covers the group’s sawmills and pellets works besides the forestry enterprises, increased its sawn-softwood sales by 142% to 1.776m m³ in the first nine months. The output of sawn softwood was more than doubled to 1.792m m³. The pellet works located at the sawmilling facilities sold 190,000 t of pellets, an increase of 150%. At 198,000 t, the output was 164% higher. 74% of the 49% higher fell volume of 6.367m m³ of roundwood was harvested by the group’s own forest enterprises and 26% by contractors.

The works trading under the name of Sokol CLT, which commenced operation in early 2021, produced 10,000 m³ of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the first nine months, 75% more than last year. Besides CLT, the “Laminated Wood Products” division also covers gluelam timber and kits for timber-frame houses.

Plywood sales slumped by a third in the third quarter to 29,000 m³. After an increase of 19% in the first quarter, the volume of sales dropped in the second (-27%). The division sold 122,000 m³ of plywood in the first nine months, a reduction of 13%. The output fell by 15% to 124,000 m³. The loss of the European sales markets was only partly compensated by greater deliveries to Egypt, Turkey, the countries of Central Asia, and China.

At the group level, sales revenue rose by 28% to RUB87.4bn. EBITDA fell 7% short of last year’s figure at RUB20.3bn. The operating and pre-tax result both fell by 42% to RUB9.6bn and RUB9.4bn, respectively. The result for the period was 37% lower than a year earlier at RUB7.0bn (RUB11.1bn).

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