Hornbach has so far compensated for store closures

The renewed DIY-store closures in Austria and the Czech Republic from October had scarcely any impact on the development in sales revenue of Hornbach in the third quarter of its business year 2020/2021 (28 February). At the publication of the quarterly report on 22 December, the company expressed its confidence that the discontinuation of retail business in other countries from December can be largely compensated for by the growth, still effective anticipatory and catch-up effects, sales to commercial customers and tradesmen, and by Click & Collect business achieved in the remaining countries.

At the time of the publication of the quarterly report, 129 of the total of 161 Hornbach DIY stores were affected by the nationwide restrictions in Germany (16 Dec. to 10 Jan.), the Netherlands (15 Dec. to 19 Jan.), Austria (17 Oct. to 6 Dec., 26 Dec. to 17 Jan.), Czech Republic (22 Oct. to 2 Dec.), and Slovakia (19 Dec. to 10 Jan.). The forecast for sales revenue and key performance figures for 2020/21 as a whole raised at the beginning of November has been reaffirmed nonetheless; the consolidated sales revenue generated by Hornbach Baumarkt AG is expected to rise by 14-18 %. The closures in Germany (until 7 March) have meanwhile been extended, however. Hornbach has not yet stated the extent to which this extension will have an effect, if any, on the business figures.

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