German DIY sector expects growth in all areas

According to estimates by Klaus-Peter Teipel Research & Consulting, German DIY and garden stores have achieved growth of 13.7% to €26.1bn in 2020. Growth rates in the double-digit percentage range are forecast, particularly for the product groups of garden ranges (+16.9%), building materials (+16.3%) and DIY range (+13.4%). Teipel provided an overview of current sector developments during the first day of the 21st international DIY market congress, organised by Cologne-based trade association BHB, and held online on 3 and 4 December.

BHB had initially predicted turnover growth of 1.5-1.8% for the current year. The corona crisis led to an unexpected increase in DIY activities, meaning actual turnover growth achieved has significantly exceeded the forecast. At the end of November, BHB published figures for the third quarter and for the first nine months, reporting increases of 13.9% and 15.0% respectively. The BHB figures are determined by GfK and are based on the total store reporting for companies with operating space of over 1,000m². Teipel, by contrast, also includes smaller locations and other medium-sized DIY store companies not covered by total store reporting. Absolute turnover figures determined by Teipel, therefore, cannot be directly compared with those determined by GfK. According to GfK, the BHB members achieved total gross turnover of €19.46bn in 2019.

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