DIY industry closes 2020 with double-figure growth rates

Disproportionately high growth in the second and third quarters enabled the DIY industry in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to achieve double-figure growth rates in sales revenue in 2020 as a whole. According to the figures presented by the trade association BHB on 27 April, which have been established through the Total Store Reporting system of the consumer research company GfK since the turn of the year 2013/2014, gross sales revenue generated by the Germany DIY sector rose by 13.8 % against the previous year to €22.14bn. Adjusted for salesfloor area, the growth was even a little higher at 14.1 %.

The Austrian DIY industry registered growth of 10.9 % to €2.97bn; adjusting for sales floor area, the growth in sales revenue turned out to be only slightly short of double figures at +9.8 %. In Switzerland, revenue generated from DIY sales rose by 10.2 % to CHF3.71bn; as in Germany, the figure adjusted for salesfloor area was slightly higher 10.5 %.

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