BME: further acquisitions in building materials trade

Building Materials Europe (BME) has expanded its activities in the building materials wholesale trade through further acquisitions. For example, the expansion in Spain was advanced. On 1 October, BME took over Yesyforma Europa, which specialises in ceiling and wall elements. Yesyforma operates three of its own sales locations in Zaragoza, San Sebastián and Bilbao. BME had already concluded the purchase of building materials supplier Planasdis Girona on 1 August.

The two new companies are to be integrated into the BME subsidiary Grupo BMV. BME has been active in Spain only for a short time. Entry into this market was completed in conjunction with the acquisition of BMV on 1 June. Grupo BMV is composed of various individual companies active in the building supply trade. Its distribution channels comprise Isolana, La Especialista, Isopractor and La Instaladora. Including Yesyforma and Planasdis, the group now has 40 sales locations in Spain and employs approximately 400 persons.

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