USA: incoming orders at stable level in November

In November, at US$2.963bn, incoming orders received by US furniture manufacturers in the residential sector reached the preceding year’s figure again for the first time following four consecutive declines. According to Smith Leonard, against the background of the 17% increase recorded in November 2020, order values remained at a comparatively high level in the reporting month. Accumulated over the first eleven months, incoming orders rose by 16% to US$34.808bn.

Turnover rose by 3% to US$2.584bn (2.518bn) in November and by 23% to US$29.950bn (24.253bn) in the eleven-month period. In November orders in hand, which have been at an unusually high level since mid-2020 due to shortages in supply of upstream products and in the logistics sector, as well as labour shortages and delays in the delivery of imported goods, increased even further vis à vis the preceding year, by 50% to US$8.802bn.

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