Veriset commissions new cut-to-size line

27.09.2021 − 

Veriset started up a Combi.cut cut-to-size line delivered by IMA Schelling Deutschland at its headquarters in Root in August. This new purchase replaces two existing lines to cut fronts and cabinet parts. The line is now to gradually ramp up operations and will run at full speed by autumn. The project required an investment of roughly CHF2m including all project costs. At the start of this year, the firm had already commissioned a new Combima edgebanding machine also delivered by IMA Schelling. Veriset had invested some CHF8m in this line and in temporarily renting an extra hall needed because of the changes in production. Until now, Veriset has custom-cut, edged and then assembled kitchens using a variety of pieces of technology. In the future, wood-based panels customised using the new Combi.cut line for making fronts and cabinet parts will be sent directly to an edgebanding machine commissioned in January. This step will make production processes more efficient and reduce the error rate.

Other new pieces of machinery are to be installed in Root over the next two-and-a-half years, allowing all of its production and part manufacturing at the site to be switched over by the end of 2023.

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