USA: kitchen turnover growth continues to slacken off

13.09.2021 − 

In July turnover of US bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturers was again higher than in the previous year. The increase of 7.2% nevertheless means that the growth rate continued to slacken off. According to the figures published on a monthly basis by the US Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) the significant increases of 46.8% in April and 32.9% in May - which both ensued from a base effect - already slackened off again to 14.0% in June. In July, both turnover generated with made-to-measure cabinets (+10.3%) and standard stock goods (+12.5%) increased at double-digit rates. For the first time this year, turnover generated with semi-custom cabinets declined by 1.1%.

From January to July total turnover rose by 18.3%. The respective preceding year’s figure was exceeded in all individual months. In the accumulated period, all ranges contributed to growth with double-digit rates. The most significant increase of +21.5% was recorded for made-to-measure cabinets. In the accumulated period a rise of 18.2% was recorded for standard stock goods, and of +17.6% for semi-custom cabinets.

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