USA: comparative basis led to high turnover increase

17.06.2021 − 

In April, US manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets recorded a considerable increase in total turnover - up by 46.8% compared to the preceding year. According to the monthly survey conducted by the US Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) the most significant increase - at 65.8% - was recorded in the case of made-to-measure cabinets. However, increase rates were also well into the double-digit percentage range concerning semi-custom cabinets and standard stock goods, up by 49.3% and 41.8% respectively. These high increases were attributed to the corona-related declines recorded during the comparative period of the preceding year, which amounted to 30.4% in the case of made-to-measure cabinets; 25.4% for semi-custom cabinets; and 17.8% for standard stock goods. Total turnover had decreased by 22% as a result of these declines.

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