US manufacturers: significant declines in orders

16.07.2020 − 

Against the backdrop of the corona crisis, incoming orders in April for US furniture manufacturers in the residential sector plummeted by 61% to US$884m. According to the monthly survey of consultancy company Smith Leonard, all participating companies suffered declines in orders for the reporting month. After new orders had risen in January (+2%) and February (+6%), a significant decline of 29% was recorded in March. Orders in hand fell by 12% to US$1.841bn in April. Turnover in April slumped by 50% to US$1.130bn. Therefore, the only turnover increase recorded in the course of the year so far occurred in February (+4%). For January, a decrease of 3% was re-corded; in March turnover fell by 11%.

Accumulated over the first four months, incom-ing orders decreased by 21% to US$7.240bn. In terms of turnover, a 15% decrease to US$7.832bn ensues at the end of April.

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