US kitchen producers’ sales revenue up in September too

02.12.2021 − 

In September, US manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets registered an increase of 7.9% in total sales revenue against the same month of last year. The figures published monthly by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) show that this growth is similar to that of the two preceding months of July (+7.2%) and August (+8.0%). In the case of custom-made cupboards and standard stock products, growth rates of 27.2% and 9.6%, respectively, were achieved in September. Where semi-custom cupboards are concerned, however, sales revenue practically stagnated at last year’s level.

Cumulated over the first nine months, significant growth was achieved in all three segments. This growth was pronounced in made-to-measure cupboards at 21.3%, followed by standard stock products (+16,6%), and semi-custom cupboards (+13.1%). At the end of September, total sales revenue was up by 15.8%. The main factor contributing to the double-figure increase was the growth of 46.8% and 32.9% in April and May, respectively, resulting from a base effect. KCMA has roughly 300 member companies, which, by sales revenue, account for roughly 75% of the US kitchen and bathroom-cabinet market.

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