US furniture trade records turnover increase in August

18.10.2021 − 

In August, turnover in the US furniture retail trade - adjusted to account for seasonal effects and the different number of trading days - increased by 15.6% vis à vis the preceding year to US$12.495bn. Based on initial estimates, the U.S. Department of Commerce indicates an increase in unadjusted turnover of 16.1% to US$12.795bn for August. Growth in August was thus at a level similar to that recorded for June and July. In the previous three months, the rates of increase had actually been considerably higher due to the distorted comparative figures in connection with the corona-related slumps last year.

Accumulated over the first eight months of the current year, unadjusted turnover of US$94.725bn ensues. This corresponds to an increase of 35.2% vis à vis the preceding year.

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