US furniture industry with decline in sales and orders

06.05.2019 − 

After the US furniture manufacturers were still able to achieve double-digit sales growth in the residential segment in January, a decline of 3% to US$ 2.134bn had to be reported for February compared with the previous year. According to the consulting firm Smith Leonard, 60% of the companies surveyed recorded a minus in the month under review.

Order intake also fell in February for the first time since December 2017. With a decline of 5 % to US$ 2.156bn, the decline here is still somewhat higher than for sales. Only 37% of the companies participating in the survey achieved growth in new orders in February. By contrast, the order backlog improved by 7% to US$2.190bn in February.

Cumulated over the first two months of the current year, sales increased by 5% to US$4.455bn. Order intake in the two-month period increased by 1% to US$2.156bn. This almost eroded the 8% increase recorded here in January.

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