US furniture imports decline by 7%

15.06.2020 − 

In the first quarter US furniture imports decreased by 7% to US$11.574bn vis à vis the comparative quarter last year.According to the figures published by the US International Trade Administration of the US Department of Commerce, the value of deliveries from China, as was already the case in previous quarters, declined significantly by 38% to US$3.426bn. Imports from other Asian countries such as Vietnam (+45% to US$2.117bn), Malaysia (+82% to US$466.3m), Indonesia (+72% to US$377.3m), Taiwan (+18% to US$273.6m) and India (+24% to US$241.9m), in contrast, increased considerably.

With regard to individual product groups, imports of seating furniture dropped by 11% to US$5.254bn. Imports of other furniture decreased by 5% to US$5.316bn. Imports of mattresses, at US$1.004bn, remained at virtually the same level as 2019.

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