US cabinet industry post higher revenues for February

19.04.2018 − 

February produced an 1.8% upturn in revenues from kitchen and bathroom cabinets in the US compared with the same month last year. A monthly survey by the US Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) of its 300 or so members shows significant growth for custom cupboards (+11.3%) in particular. Turnover from standard cabinets rose 1.6%. Revenues from semi-custom cabinets dipped 0.4%.

Looking at the first two months combined, manufacturers registered a 0.6% downturn in turnover. This meant that January’s 3.2% decrease could not be entirely erased by a better performance in February. Turnover from custom cabinets (-12.2%) plunged in January. The KCMA also announced lower revenues from standard cabinets (-5%). Semi-custom cabinets (+1.8%) were the only category to see an improvement in revenues. In January and February combined, a downswing in standard cabinets (-1.6%) and custom cabinets (-0.6%) contrasted with a small growth in semi-custom cabinets (+0.6%).

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