Upholstered furniture turnover down by 13.3%

06.07.2017 − 

Turnover of the German upholstered furniture industry declined by 13.3% to €85.8m in April which is therefore the second time in the course of the year so far that it has declined at a double-digit rate. As shown in turnover figures compiled each month by the German Upholstered Furniture Industry Association (VdDP) on the basis of data from the Federal Statistical Office, domestic (-3.4%) as well as export turnover (-10.2%) declined in April. A decline of 14.1% was recorded for the Euro zone.

Accumulated over the first four months, turnover decreased by 4.9% to €348.6m. Increases in January (+4.8%) and March (+2.1%) could not compensate the decreases in February (-11.0%) and April. In this four-month period a slight in-crease of 0.8% was achieved in export turnover, whereas turnover in Germany declined by 4.3%. In the Euro zone a decline of 3.2% was recorded.

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