Tvilum confronted by turnover decline in 2016

16.04.2017 − 

Danish Tvilum concluded the 2016 financial year with a drop in turnover of almost 10% to DKK1.269bn, equivalent to approximately €170m. Stabilisation at the preceding year’s level, which had been the aim in the first quarter, could therefore not be achieved. Under the influence of various divestments and restructuring measures, Tvilum turnover had been in gradual decline until 2012 (DKK1.450m). It increased again, however, in 2013 (DKK1.501m) and 2014 (DKK1.549bn). In 2015 there was another dip with turnover again 9.2% below the preceding year’s figure, and this downward trend also continued last year. Tvilum meanwhile generates some 90% of its turnover on foreign markets.

The key results figures, in contrast, improved again in 2016, against the background of a low level the previous year. The EBITDA reached DKK22m and the EBIT was recorded at DKK4m. The EBITDA was positive again for the first time in 2015 at DKK3.3m, against the background of the -DKK35m loss recorded in 2014. In the case of the EBIT, a change in trend was recorded in 2016; in 2015 there had been a loss of -DKK30 in 2015. In 2017 the key results figures are expected to improve further. Concerning turnover, the company is aiming to reach the preceding year’s level.

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