Turnover in French furniture trade plummets by 50%

08.06.2020 − 

In March turnover in the French furniture retail trade dropped by 51.6%. In this connection, however, French market research institute Ipea draws attention to the fact that collection of the data has been more difficult than usual due to the corona crisis, and that this is therefore preliminary information. In the first half of the month customer frequency had already declined as a result of the continuing spreading of the virus.

The closure of all non-essential retail trade imposed by the government from mid-March on subsequently brought furniture trade in France to an almost complete standstill. According to Ipea, the decline recorded in the e-commerce segment was slightly less significant, but nevertheless considerable.

In the entire first quarter turnover generated by the 32 furniture retail traders participating in the survey fell 16.2% short of the preceding year’s figure. After a rise of 3.0% had been achieved in January, in February growth already slackened off to 0.3%. Accumulated over the first three months, double-digit rates of decline were recorded for all product groups; turnover also decreased across all individual distribution channels. As the brick-and-mortar furniture retail trade was closed in the entire period of April, Ipea also anticipates a considerable drop in turnover for this month.

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