Swedish furniture exports similar to last year

02.07.2020 − 

In the first quarter Swedish furniture exports, at SEK4.576bn, were at approximately the same level as last year. According to the Swedish statistics authority Statistika Centralbyrån, the value of deliveries to the two most important target markets Norway (-2% to SEK1.358bn) and Denmark (-3% to SEK608.7m) decreased in each case. Exports also declined to France (-8% to SEK178.4m), Poland (-3% to SEK158.6m) and the Netherlands (-16% to SEK113.8m). Exports to Germany (+16% to SEK517.9m), by contrast, increased considerably compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. The value of deliveries to the USA also rose at a double-digit rate by 10% to SEK205.7m.

Swedish furniture imports, at SEK5.263bn, fell 1% short of the preceding year’s figure in the first quarter. Deliveries from the two most important supplier countries China (-10% to SEK1.004bn) and Poland (-1% to SEK916.4m) declined at differing rates. Decreases were also recorded for other relevant markets such as Italy (-11% to SEK168.0m) and Norway (-3% to SEK152.6m).

The value of imports from the German market (+11% to SEK478.6m) increased; as a consequence Germany rose to fourth position in the imports statistics, ahead of Denmark (+3% to SEK473.3m). Imports from Lithuania improved by 2% to SEK695.7m compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. Deliveries from Estonia increased by 3% to SEK255.8m.

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