Swedish furniture exports rise at higher rates

16.09.2021 − 

In the second quarter, Swedish furniture exports increased by 19% vis à vis the corona-related weaker figures of the comparative period of the preceding year, to SEK4.997bn. In the first quarter, for which the preceding year’s figures had not yet been affected by the corona crisis, the rise had been rather low at 1%. According to the export trade statistics published by Statistika Centralbyrån, deliveries to each of the three most important export markets Norway (+13% to SEK1.542bn), Denmark (+11% to SEK641.8m) and Germany (+21% to SEK496.7m) increased. The significant rise in exports to Germany more than compensated for the 8% decline recorded for this export market in the first quarter. Exports to Great Britain more than doubled to SEK248.2m. Considerable increases were also recorded in exports to the USA (+54% to SEK269.6m) and France (+76% to SEK201.7m). Only in the case of Finland statistics showed a further drop of one-third to SEK386.0m (558.3m), following a similarly high decline in the first quarter.

Swedish furniture imports rose by 21% to a total of SEK5.945bn in the second quarter, and thus at an even more significant rate than exports. Imports from China were up by 35% to SEK1.283bn and actually exceeded the 25% rise recorded in the first quarter. Increases were also recorded in furniture imports from Lithuania (+24% to SEK769.2m), Denmark (+19% to SEK563.0m) and Germany (+19% to SEK485.3m). The only decrease recorded in the statistics - of 18% to SEK2.139bn (2.607bn) - concerned countries consolidated in the Other group.

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