Specialist retail chain Jysk plans expansion to Turkey

09.07.2021 − 

Danish Jysk group plans to open its first stores in Turkey in April 2023. With the expansion, Jysk will initially focus on western Turkey, which is more easily accessible from the existing logistics centre in Bozhuriste (Bulgaria). Preparations for entering the Turkish market are to commence in autumn. Most recently, the company had entered the Russian market with a first store in Moscow in June 2020. In the greater Moscow area, Jysk is meanwhile operating five additional specialist stores. Overall, the Jysk store network comprises around 3,000 locations in 51 countries, at which 26,500 persons are employed. 970 of these stores are located in Germany and are still operated under the name Dänisches Bettenlager. In autumn, the name of the German stores is also to be changed to Jysk.

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