Spanish living room furniture imports positive again

30.07.2021 − 

Following an 11% decline over the entire period of 2020, Spanish imports of living room furniture increased again in the first quarter, by 7.3% to €827.0m. According to the figures compiled by the Spanish furniture industry and furniture exporters association ANIEME, this more than offset the 3.7% decrease recorded in the first quarter of 2020. In the first three months, increases were recorded especially in furniture imports from China and Italy. Imports from China rose by 22.4% to €243.5m and imports from Italy by 14.8% to €64.6m. Deliveries from Germany (-0.7% to €70.0m) were slightly short of the preceding year‘s figure.

Spanish exports of living room furniture in the first three months rose by 16.8% to €596.5m and thus twice as sharply as imports. Deliveries to the most important purchasing country of France increased by one-third to €205.7m. Exports to Germany (+22.2% to €44.3m), Italy (+70.2% to €34.5m) and the USA (+23.8% to €34.4m) also increased at significant rates. Declines compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year were recorded in the statistics for deliveries to countries such as Great Britain (-19.8% to €20.6m).

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