Slower pace of growth in USA’s furniture imports

27.09.2018 − 

US imports of furniture in the second quarter were 2 % higher than a year earlier at 13.394bn US$. According to information from the US International Trade Administration at the US Department of Commerce the rate of growth is slower again than it was in the first quarter. At that time the increase had been recorded at 8 %.

Imports from China (+2 % to 6.610bn US$) and Mexico (+2 % to 2.145bn US$), the two most important countries of origin, rose at average rate in the second quarter. Whereas the growth in Mexico imports continued at the same level as in the first quarter, the increase in imports from China turned out to be considerably lower than in the first three months. At that time the rate of growth had still been in double figures at +11 %.

US furniture imports rose by a total of 5 % in the first half-year to 26.367bn US$. With regard to the product groups, above all more “other furniture without seating furniture” (+7 % to 12.219bn US$) and mattresses (+6 % to 1.812bn US$) were imported. Imports of seating furniture increased 4 % to 12.337bn US$.

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