Sharper growth registered in Nobilia’s worktop output

14.03.2019 − 

The replacement/expansion investment measures implemented in the Verl-Sürenheide and Verl-Kaunitz works, further optimisation in production, and the additional shifts run in the first half of the year to cope with the long delivery periods were reflected in further increases in output at Nobilia, in 2018 beyond those achieved in the previous years. The output of kitchen cabinets was raised by 7.7 % to 7.27m units. In comparison to the 6.29m cabinets given for 2015, the cumulated growth for the last three years amounts to 15.6 %. Nobilia’s cabinet output has even increased by 47.2 % since 2010 (4.94m units).

The worktop output was raised by 8.3 % last year to 1.69m units as opposed to 1.24m (cumulated +36.3 %) in 2010 and 1.50m (cumulated +12.7 %) in 2015. As such, a total of 727,000 kitchens were made to order at the two Nobilia works last year. The number of kitchens produced to order had risen by 30,000 in each of the years 2015 and 2016; it had risen by around 15,000 in 2017. 52,000 more kitchens were made to order last year.

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