Russia imports 5% less furniture in Q3

23.02.2021 − 

In the third quarter of 2020, the value of Russian furniture imports decreased by 5% vis à vis the preceding year to US$467.5m. According to the Russian customs authority, decreases were recorded in imports from countries such as Poland (-21% to US$34.8m) and South Korea (-39% to US$28.1m). Increases, in contrast, were recorded in imports from China (+4% to US$119.1m), Belarus (+5% to US$73.7m) and Italy (+3% to US$40.6m). An increase in the first quarter (+2%) was followed by a 26% decrease in the second quarter.

Accumulated over the first nine months, at US$1.290m, the value of imports fell 10% short of the preceding year’s figure. Imports from China (US$354.3m) and Belarus (US$194.8m) remained virtually stable. Furniture imports from most of the other countries, however, remained below the comparative figures of 2019. Classified according to product groups, seating furniture imports decreased by 17% to US$617.5m. Imports of furniture other than seating furniture declined by 3% to US$625.3m. Imports of mattresses rose to US$47.0m.

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