Polish furniture exports up 5% in fourth quarter

14.05.2020 − 

In the fourth quarter of 2019 Polish furniture exports increased by 5% to €3.005bn. This means, according to the export trade statistics published by Eurostat, that the 3% growth achieved over the first nine months continued. Regarding exports to countries within the EU, which at 88% constitute the majority of Polish furniture exports, the increase rate, at +6%, was slightly above average. In this context deliveries to Germany, the most important target market by far, improved by 3% to €1.043bn. A similar rise had also been achieved in the nine-month period. In the four subsequently ranked EU sales markets Czech Republic (+14% to €240.0m), Great Britain (+11% to €211.3m), France (+11% to €192.2m) and the Netherlands (+13% to €168.3m) exports increased at double-digit rates in each case. Declines, by contrast, were recorded concerning furniture exports to other EU countries such as Sweden (-2% to €101.4m), Denmark (-4% to €60.7m) and Austria (-2% to €58.4m).

Over the entire period of 2019 Polish furniture exports increased by 4% to €11.745bn. Of this figure €10.267bn was generated in the context of exports to EU countries, representing a 4% rise. Increases were recorded for each of the five most important purchasing countries, the increase rates ranged between 3% and 10%.

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