Polipol to consolidate Hukla production in Wagrowiec

09.04.2021 − 

Polipol Group is to close its factory in Torgelow on 30 September. At present, approximately 100 employees produce armchairs of the Hukla brand at the location. Activities still based in Torgelow are to be relocated to the Polish factory in Wagrowiec, thus consolidating the entire production of armchairs and sofa sets of the Hukla brand into one location in future. 90% of the Hukla range is currently already produced at the Polish location. According to Polipol managing director Marc Greve, considerations of this nature have existed for quite some time. However, the current corona situation - which has brought issues such as ability to deliver and fast delivery times into even sharper focus - has necessitated acceleration of the plans. Double storage will also be eliminated with the concentration of Hukla production at one location. Furthermore, the Torgelow premises is only leased. 1,100 persons are employed in Wagrowiec.

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