Operation at Ewald Schillig has to be discontinued

01.10.2018 − 

The business of the insolvent upholstered furniture manufacturer Ewald Schillig has to be discontinued. According to the provisional insolvency administrator Dr. Jochen Zaremba, the takeover ultimately failed due to an unsigned rental agreement. As a potential investor, GrundbesitzPartner had demanded a ten-year contract with no rent in the first year. According to Zaremba, the company owners, who as owners of the property in Ebersdorf would have had to sign the rental agreement with GrundbesitzPartner, were not prepared to comply with this demand.

GrundbesitzPartner wanted to continue the company and in the medium term preserve 130 of the last 230 jobs. The investor had already signed a corresponding takeover agreement. The employees were informed about the current development at a works meeting on 25 September. According to Zaremba, there are orders worth millions in the company's books. Production and closure are now scheduled for November.

Ewald Schillig had filed for the opening of insolvency proceedings in mid-July due to declining sales. The company had most recently achieved a turnover of €68m. In 2013 the turnover had still been over €100m.

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