Netherlands: 25% increase in furniture imports

29.10.2021 − 

Cumulatively, Dutch furniture imports increased by 24% over the first half compared to the corresponding period in the previous year to €3.328bn. The 15% increase achieved in the first quarter compared to a 34% increase to €1.716bn in the second quarter. According to Eurostat, imports from China increased by 39% to €482.2m in the second quarter and thus by an amount similar to the first quarter (+38%). Following growth rate of 14% and 8% respectively in the first quarter, increases in deliveries from Germany (+27% to €338.6m) and Poland (+32% to €194.5m) accelerated quite significantly in the second quarter.

Furniture exports from the Netherlands increased by 29% to €2.017bn per end of June. Of this figure, €1.030bn was generated in the second quarter. Compared to the same period last year, this corresponds to an increase of 36%.

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