MHK exceeds €6bn turnover mark for first time

01.04.2019 − 

The purchasing cooperation MHK Group achieved sales of over € 6bn for the first time in the 2018 financial year. As the Group announced on 29 March in Berlin, total sales increased by 8.3 % to € 6.012bn. Of this total, € 3.951bn or around two thirds was generated in Germany. This represents an increase of 6.8% over the previous year. Outside Germany, the increase of 11.5 % to € 2.061bn was double-digit, as in previous years. The activities in the Netherlands and Spain in particular again developed positively. In total, the company is currently active in seven foreign markets. In addition to the Netherlands and Spain, the company has its own subsidiaries in Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, France and Great Britain.

The number of MHK trading partners rose last year by 326 to a total of 3,092 (domestic: +183 to 2,095, foreign: +143 to 997). In addition to new additions, an increase in the average value per kitchen sold also contributed to the sales growth. The average sales price for the three sales channels "Musterhaus Küchen", "Küchen Liga" and "Küchen Partner" increased by 2.9 % to € 13,751. For the "Reddy" franchise, the increase was slightly higher at 4.2 % to € 7,812. The increase in sales values is attributable, among other things, to the installation of a higher number of appliances and the use of higher-quality materials and accessories.

For 2019, MHK again expects growth in sales both in Germany and abroad. The sales increase recorded in the first weeks of the current year amounted to 6.4 %.

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