Maisons du Monde: lockdown leads to turnover decline

12.02.2021 − 

In the fourth quarter of 2020, according to preliminary information, turnover of Maisons du Monde decreased by 1.5% to €372m. The company attributes this decline to the closure of stores in various European countries, predominantly in November, and the ensuing turnover loss of approximately €50m. In this context, the decrease of €60m recorded in brick-and-mortar business was at least partially offset by an increase of €10m recorded in online business. Overall online turnover rose by 41% to €114m in the fourth quarter. This means that this distribution channel contributed almost one-third of total turnover. Turnover generated with brick-and-mortar activities, in contrast, declined by 13% to €258m.

Whilst turnover on the French domestic market decreased by 3.7% to €206m, a rise of 1.2% to €166m was achieved on the eleven foreign markets. The main driver of this growth on the foreign markets, however, was Modani Miami, acquired in 2018, for which an increase of 24% to €15m was recorded. Outside of France, Maisons du Monde operates - in brick-and-mortar business as well as online - in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain.

According to preliminary figures, turnover of €1.182bn ensues for the entire 2020 financial year. This represents a decline of 3.5%. The third quarter was the only period in which Maisons du Monde achieved an increase, of 13.3%. In the first and second quarters turnover had decreased by 13.1% and 13.6% respectively. With regard to the EBITDA, the company anticipates a drop of almost 10% compared to the preceding year. Maisons du Monde will publish its final figures for the fourth quarter as well as for 2020 as a whole on 10 March.

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