Kinnarps has ceased production in Worms

10.12.2018 − 

Production at Kinnarps GmbH (Worms) was discontinued in line with plans at the end of September, according to managing director Sebastian Groesslhuber. Production of the Ordemo storage area range had been successively transferred to Sweden in the preceding months. Kinnarps had announced at the end of January that it intended to close operations of Kinnarps Produktions GmbH and that 170 job cuts were to be made in Worms. Kinnarps GmbH will therefore operate in future purely as a sales company with some 100 full-time employees, and it will acquire all products from Sweden.

Following the closure of the plant in Worms, Kinnarps continues to operate six production locations in Sweden only. In the 2017/2018 financial year (31 August) the group generated turnover of €420m.

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