Italian furniture exports increase by 77% in Q2

14.10.2021 − 

In the second quarter, Italian furniture exports increased by 77% to €2.903bn and thus also exceeded the level recorded before the corona crisis by 13%. According to Eurostat figures, deliveries to France rose by 79% compared to corresponding period in the preceding year to €493.2m. Exports to the USA (to €385.8m) and Great Britain (to €242.0m) more than doubled. Deliveries to Germany increased at a comparatively low rate, by 24% to €271.1m.

Italian furniture imports rose by 74% to €669.5m and were therefore also 8% above the pre-crisis level. Significant increases were recorded in imports from China (+87% to €206.7m), Poland (+85% to €58.8m) and Romania (+146% to €51.7m). Imports from Germany also rose, by 49% to €79.3m (53.1m).

Accumulated over the first half of the year, exports increased by 40% to €5.404bn. Imports per end of June were up by 36% to €1.308bn.

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