Increasing Chinese investments in European industry

14.06.2018 − 

Several transactions have occurred within the furniture industry in recent months alongside discussions in the economy as a whole about a significant upswing in investments by Chinese companies in Europe, especially in the world of technology.

Unlike other sectors of the economy where Chinese investors are primarily interested in technology transfer, the investments made in the furniture industry and neighbouring sectors to date focus on brand policy and access to the respective sales markets. Major Chinese interior design companies that are more active in project business are looking for well-known kitchen and upholstered furniture brands that can be positioned in the upper segment of the market for both project and retail business so as to round off their portfolios.

However, Chinese companies are now seeing sales opportunities on European markets too that are to be tapped by investing in businesses based in Europe. Interest is geared primarily towards companies with established brands that are to allow for easier market access.

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