Increase in Belgian furniture imports intensifies

22.10.2021 − 

Following growth of 23% in the first quarter, the increase in Belgian furniture imports intensified in the second quarter. According to figures published by the Federatie van de Textiel-, Hout- en Meubelindustrie (Fedustria) the total value of furniture imported in the second quarter amounted to €790.1m - corresponding to an increase of 59% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year. The import value of €625.7m recorded in the second quarter of 2019 was thus also exceeded by more than one-fourth. Purchases from China increased significantly compared to the preceding year - almost doubling to €187.8m. Significant increases were also recorded concerning deliveries from the Netherlands (+46% to €117.3m), Germany (+37% to €107.2m) and Poland (+63% to €60.8m).

Belgian furniture exports rose by 37% compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year to €440.4m. Growth also accelerated vis à vis the first quarter. For the first three months, Fedustria recorded an increase of 12%. The pre-crisis level of €388.0m was also exceeded in the case of exports, by 13.5%. Deliveries to France rose by almost two-thirds to €157.5m; exports to Great Britain trebled to €14.4m.

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