Ikea sales in Germany surpass 5bn € for first time

02.11.2018 − 

The Swedish Ikea group has lifted its revenue from sales in Germany to over 5bn € for the first time. In its business year 2017/2018 (31 August), the company generated 5.003bn €, thereby achieving growth of 2.8 % against the year before. 371m € of the total sales revenue was accounted for by online business, which rose by double-figures again at +12.8 %. The online growth rate had been more than twice as high as this at 30.7 % in the business year 2016/2017, however. The bulk of the growth in total sales revenue in the current reporting period was achieved in the furniture segment, particularly in living-room (60 %) and bedroom furniture (30 %). Revenue generated by Ikea Food rose by 4.0 % to 239.5m €.

Every Ikea customer spent an average of 94.40 € per purchase, 26 % more than a year earlier. The number of visitors in the 53 stores nationwide remained more or less stable at around 97.2m. The Ikea.de website registered a 9 % increase in visitors to 286.3m. No new Ikea stores were opened last year.

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