German furniture industry turnover down again

24.01.2018 − 

In October 2017, turnover of the German furniture industry remained below the preceding year’s figure for the second time in a row. According to the monthly figures compiled by the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) total turnover declined by 1.0% to €1.549bn compared to the corresponding month in the previous year.

On the domestic market, a decrease of 3.2% to €1.037bn was recorded, which could not be fully compensated by the increase of 3.8% to €512.0m recorded on the export market.

From January to October, at €14.817bn, total turnover of the German furniture industry remained 0.2% below the preceding year’s figure. A similar decline had already been recorded for the first three quarters. Over the course of the year, the turnover trend increasingly levelled off. In the first quarter an increase of 3.1% to €4.512bn had been recorded. Over the entire first half of the year, turnover still rose by 0.5% to €8.991bn.

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