German furniture exports reach a total of €10.9bn

21.03.2019 − 

In 2018 German furniture exports increased by 2.2% vis à vis the previous year to €10.919bn. According to Jan Kurth, managing director of the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) this is the highest export value ever recorded. The export rate, at 32.4%, remained stable at the previous year’s level. Within Europe, it was possible to increase deliveries to France in particular - the most important export market - by 6.6% to €1.500bn. Outside Europe, the USA remains the most important export market with an export value of €513.2m (+0.5%). According to Kurth, furniture deliveries to the USA only increased marginally, however, due to the uncertain trading environment. A significantly greater increase compared to the preceding year was achieved in China, in contrast, at +14.7% to €336.7m. The majority of German furniture exports were delivered to the EU (70.3%), followed by the remaining European countries at a proportion of 13.3%, Asia at 8.3% and North America at 5.3%.

At a figure of €12.662bn, German furniture imports were down 0.7% on the previous year’s figure. Development in this regard slackened off over the course of the year. In the first quarter VDM had recorded a 1.6% increase in imports, which levelled off to an increase of 0.6% during the first half of the year. By the end of September imports had slipped into the negative zone at 0.9%, but this slackened off again slightly by the end of December. Within the ten most important supplier countries, increases were recorded in Poland (+2.2% to €3.353bn), Turkey (+0.9% to €327.6m) and France, although imports from France increased at the most significant rate of 6.8% to €309.1m (289.5m). Imports from Italy, at a value of €799.1m, stagnated at the previous year’s level.

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