German furniture exports bounced back in January

12.04.2018 − 

Germany exported 0.5% more furniture in January than in January 2017 after booking a downturn in December 2017 (-6.9%). The German Furniture Industry Federation (VDM) reported mixed trends in the different segments. For instance, foreign shipments of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture (+13.9%) and kitchen furniture (+10.1%) rose markedly in January. German exports of other types of seating furniture (+7.0%), upholstered furniture (+3.2%) and other furniture (+0.9%) also edged higher. On the other hand, Germany booked a double-digit decrease in exports of shop furniture (-15.6%).

Total German furniture imports edged 3.9% higher in January 2018. The only categories in which Germany imported less were shop furniture (-30.4%) and living room, dining room and bedroom furniture (-4.6%). Growth was registered in all other segments. January brought a significant growth in imports of mattresses (+27.1%) and office furniture (+15.9%) into Germany. Imports of upholstered furniture (+7.4%), other seating furniture (+4.1%), other furniture (+2.0%) and kitchen furniture (+0.7%) increased in the first month of the year.

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