Furniture industry with slight decline in sales in November

07.02.2019 − 

After a stronger increase in October, total sales in the German furniture industry in November were again slightly below the previous year's level. According to the monthly statistics compiled by the VDM on the basis of figures from the Federal Statistical Office, sector sales fell by 1.2% to €1.711bn. Exports fell by 2.8% to € 550.0m, a steeper decline than domestic business, which fell by only 0.5 % to € 1.161bn.

Sales growth was recorded for kitchen furniture (total +7.4% to €472.8m, domestic +8.2% to €284.6m, foreign +6.2% to €188.1m) and office furniture (total +2.1% to €200.7m, domestic +3.8% to €159.7m, foreign -4.1% to €41.1m). All other areas remained below the previous year's turnover. Total sales of other furniture fell by 5.1% to € 671.0m (Germany -2.5% to € 452.7m, abroad -10.0% to € 218.3m). A decline of 3.6 % to € 205.0m was reported for shop/property furniture, 6.9 % to € 86.6m for upholstered furniture and 9.3 % to € 74.6m for mattresses.

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