Furniture industry turnover almost at last year’s level

09.12.2019 − 

Compared to 2018, September has been the second-best month for the German furniture industry over the course of the year so far - following the best month of May. According to statistics issued by the Federation of the German furniture industry (VDM) which are compiled on the basis of figures supplied by the Federal Statistical Office, industry turnover increased by 6.7% to €1.654bn. Turnover recorded for July (+6.0% to €1.428bn) and August (-3.7% to €1.258bn) was also exceeded significantly. As was also the case in August, exports, at an increase of 9.4% to €537.7m, developed along better lines than the domestic market - for which an increase of 5.4% to €1.116bn was re-corded. The increases recorded in September partially compensated the turnover declines recorded in September 2018. At that time, total turnover fell by 5.0% vis à vis the preceding year; domestic and export turnover had declined by 5.6% and 3.6% respectively.

In September 2019, increases were recorded in all segments of the furniture industry for the first time. For kitchen furniture a double-digit increase rate of 10% to €500.3m was even achieved, this was mainly due to the 14% rise to €211.9m achieved in exports. For the shop/contract furniture segment an increase of 9.1% to €199.8m was recorded. Turnover of office furniture manufacturers increased by 5.7% to €208.9m. For the miscellaneous furniture segment, which in the VDM statistics includes the product groups of living room, dining room, bedroom, small and non-upholstered seating furniture as well as furniture made of other materials and furniture parts, an increase in turn-over of 3.9% to €599.9m was recorded.

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