Furniture industry records turnover rise in December

18.03.2020 − 

Following the negative development recorded in October (-1.5% to € 1.658bn) as well as November (-3.9% to €1.652bn), in December turnover of the German furniture industry actually surpassed the preceding year’s figure again. According to statistics issued by the Verband der Deutschen Möbelindustrie (VDM), which are compiled on the basis of figures supplied by the Federal Statistical Office, total turnover rose by 2.2% to €1.293bn. This increase was generated in exclusively export business. Export turnover improved by 9.6% to €424.7m whilst domestic turnover, in contrast, declined by 1.1% to €868.6m. Over the last two months exports had already developed along more positive lines than domestic business. In December, however, this difference became even more significant. In December 2018 the situation had been the other way round. Domestic turnover had declined by 3.1% vis à vis 2017, and export turnover had even dropped by as much as 5.6%. Overall, a 3.8% decline had been recorded.

The increase achieved in December means that in 2019 positive turnover development was recorded in six months (January +0.1% to €1.418bn, February +0.7% to €1.509bn, May +7.5% to €1.550bn, July +6.0% to €1.428bn, September +6.7% to €1.654bn, December). In the other six months, turnover developed along negative lines (March -2.7% to €1.576bn, April -1.5% to €1.475bn, June -13.7% to €1.383bn, August -3.7% to €1.258bn, October, November). For the entire period of 2019 a slight decline of 0.5% to €17.855bn ensues, this had already been indicated in a preliminary forecast by VDM at the end of February.

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