France: furniture trade turnover plummeted

15.07.2020 − 

Corona-related closure of traditional retail stores caused a collapse in turnover of 84.9% for the French furniture trade in April. Some online retailers also reported declines. However, French market research institute Ipea (Paris) draws attention to the fact that collection of the data has been more difficult than usual due to the corona crisis; the information may therefore require retrospective adjustment. The same applies to the drop of 51.6% recorded provisionally for March.

Accumulated over the first four months, turnover decreased by 33%. In terms of value, this corresponds to a decline of almost €1.5bn. Al-though an increase of 3.0% was recorded in January, growth had already slackened to +0.3% in February. Ipea anticipates that the slumps recorded in March and April will be only partially offset in the further course of the year.

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