France: furniture production exceeds pre-crisis level

23.09.2021 − 

Furniture production in France increased considerably over the first five months, thereby exceeding the level recorded in the comparative period of 2019 - i.e., before the outbreak of the corona crisis - by 1.3%. According to French market research institute Ipea, production rose by almost 50% compared to the first five months of 2020 - more than compensating for the 30.8% decrease recorded in the comparative period of last year. Of the four segments listed separately in Ipea’s economic activity report, the kitchen furniture and miscellaneous furniture segments reached their respective pre-crisis levels.

At +72.9%, the most significant increase over the first five months was recorded for the kitchen furniture industry, after production had declined by more than one-third in the comparative period last year. This increase meant that the pre-crisis level was exceeded by approximately 15%.

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