Forte’s sales revenue boosted by 6.4 % in second quarter

01.10.2018 − 

Growth in sales revenue generated by Polish Forte accelerated again in the second quarter with an increase of 6.4 % to 258.0m PLN. In the first quarter (+0.6 %) and in 2017 as a whole (+0.5 %), sales revenue had only marginally exceeded the levels of a year earlier.

Cumulated over the first six months, Forte had achieved an increase of 3.2 % in sales revenue to 553.5m PLN. At 51.7 %, a good half of this was generated in German-speaking Europe. The proportion of the sales revenue accounted for by Northwest Europe accounted for 19.3 % of the sales revenue, central and southern Europe for 12.2 %, and the remaining 16.8 % by the Polish domestic market.

The key performance figures also improved again in the second quarter. EBIT, for example, rose by 34.4 % to 23.2m PLN; EBITDA increased even more sharply by 46.0 % to 34.6m PLN. This caused the EBITDA margin to improve by 3.8 percentage points to 13.4 %. Forte attributes the rise to the start-up of its own raw particleboard works in Suwalki. The company plans to gradually supply its four furniture factories with raw particle-board internally via the new facility in future.

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